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How to know RPD Password of any Repository deployed in server

Hi Friends,

Some way or other we overcome with multiple issues, where we are in need to know if by any means rpd password is set wrong in OBIEE 11g.

For 10g it was easy and we can easily bypass security by modifying NQSConfig.INI file. But this is not applicable for OBIEE 11g.

However we had the solution till OBIEE version to get rep password through process as below: ( Only applicable till versions

Pre-Requisite - You must have Admin Rights to access weblogic & OS to find it. You can not bypass security. :)

Step-1 Navigate to your ORACLE_HOME, then go to common/bin path under ORACLE_HOME, where you can get / wlst.cmd command to execute WLST.

(Note - You may ignore warning for insecure protocol)

Step-2 - Connect online with connect command with your weblogic admin credentials.

Format -

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Weblogic console & OEM Fusion Middlewere Not opening in OBIEE 11g

Hi Friends,

Some days back i faced a weird issue in OBIEE 11g server, where all opmn components were up & analytics was logining fine. But as an admin i had to do manual repository migration through Oracle Enterprise Manager Fusion Middleware. Considering that you might be knowing the process of rpd migration through OEM Fusion middleware, i am mentioning here for the solution to the issue i faced.

Issue - Weblogic console & OEM Fusion Middlewere Not opening.

Major Identification - While validating Admin Server Logs from

[Note - To save time always search logs with respect to timestamp, there can be many other techniques]

On Validating the AdminServer.log, i get the error as below:
####<Apr 19, 2015 1:21:09 PM EDT> <Critical> <WebLogicServer> <$HOSTNAME> <AdminServer>…

Write Back Setting in OBIEE 11G

Write Back is the ability to enter values directly into a report and have those values written in the database & used in calculations and charts in the report.
Please follow the steps listed below to configure Write Back in OBIEE 11g.
A- Repository Level Changes in all 3 layers to set Write Back Column :Step 1:Physical Layer - From Physical TableProperties Go to-> General tab dialog box. Uncheck Cacheable

Step 2:Business Model & Mapping Layer -  Logical Column Properties Go to-> General tab. Check Writable option.

Step 3:Presentation Layer - Presentation Column Properties Go to-> General tab -> Permissions -> Set permission -> Read / Write (Radio Button), on the User / Application Role which you want to authenticate for WriteBack feature.

Step 4: Presentation Layer - Go to -> Manage-> Identity Manager -> Identity Management (Left pane) -> Select Application Role (to which you need Write Back Permission) -> Permission -> Query Limits (tab) ->…

OBIEE enterprise manager adf faces 60097

Today I faced one issue in newly built server while uploading rpd for migration through EM.
I noticed error from coreapplication as :

Then Navigated to MBean to try my luck for rpd uploading from there, but all parameters were showing unavailable Value.

I explored the solution to it & identified as file - <OBIEE_HOME>/user_projects/domains/bifoundation_domain/sysman/mds/partition1/ai/bi/fragments/mdssys/cust/user/weblogic/deployment.jspx.xml was causing the issue. I deleted it & proceeded with full bounce. [ Note - deployment.jspx.xml file will get created automatically after you navigate to coreapplication in enterprise manager. But take the backup of the file before deleting it. ]
The issue resolved then & coreapplication & MBean both working fine thereafter...

& deployment.jspx.xml got created automatically after navigating to coreapplication from Enterprise Manager.

Math Functions in OBIEE

There are many science, research and development functions which are not much explored or used in business intelligence. Most of such functions belong to Math Functions. I am listing below all Math Functions.Math Functions
Abs, Acos, Asin, Atan, Atan2, Ceiling, Cos, Cot, Degrees, Exp, Floor, Log, Log10, Mod, Pi, Power, Radians, Rand, RandFromSeed, Round, Sign, Sin, Sqrt, Tan, Truncate
As I am not working in any scientific or research & development project, so I decided to manually create such functions, to describe math functions. I then thought to randomly select some of trigonometric functions & test result through their graph, so I choose sin, cos and tan. But for trigonometric function I had to further make use of pi (you may use degrees as well).
The functions applied in my case for different functions is as below:Sin - SIN((RCOUNT(1)-1)*PI()/4)Cos - COS((RCOUNT(1)-1)*PI()/4)Tan - TAN((RCOUNT(1)-1)*PI()/4)Angle in Degree - CEILING(DEGREES((RCOUNT(1)-1)*PI()/4))
Where RCOUNT(1…

To Get Age between two Days in OBIEE Report

For Getting Age between two dates we use SQL Query as :

datediff(d, startdate, enddate) as Age

However default date format in OBIEE is Timestamp. So you need timestamp function (Available under Calendar/Date Function Heading) to get required result.


TIMESTAMPDIFF(interval, timestamp1, timestamp2)

interval is the specified interval. Valid values are:









timestamp1 and timestamp2 are any valid timestamps.

For Number of Days between two days:

For Number of Days till current date:

*You can also use this function for getting age difference for other time dimension attributes as week, quarter, month or year. All you need to do is change first attribute i.e 'interval' & other attribute's accordingly.

Creating Aggregate Tables in OBIEE

Steps for Creating Aggregate Tables in OBIEE
Create all Dimension Tables, Fact Tables & Hierarchies, which are required to be aggregated.Go to ToolsàUtilities (from Administration tool menu bar), a dialog box will pop up with all available utilities.Select Aggregate Persistence Wizard, and then click Execute Button. (See Figure Below).

4.Now Select appropriate path where you need to generate Aggregate Table SQL.
Note : Click Generate DDL file for first time generation of Aggregate Table. (See Figure Below)

Click Next, to move to next page (Select Business Model & Measure Page)In Select Business Model & Measure Page, Select Appropriate Business Model & then select associated Fact / Measure.(See Figure Below).

     7.Click next, to move to next page (Select Dimensions & Levels).

Select appropriate level of dimension & check Use Surrogate Key.

9.Click next, to move to next page (Select output Connection Pool, Container & Name).

Click next, to move to next page (Aggreg…